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Homes are busy and offices are frantic, and odds are your floors have collected a few scars to show for it. But just because your floor has suffered damage doesn’t mean you need to ignore it, cover it up, or invest in an entirely new floor installed from scratch. Let the expert flooring professionals at Concord Carpet and Hardwood repair and restore your floors, seamlessly removing and replacing damaged sections to leave them looking just like new!

Hardwood Flooring Repair

Hardwood flooring damage can take many forms including unevenness due to water damage, cupped or crowned flooring, and scratches or groves resulting from rough use. Whatever time, wear, and tear have done to your hardwood floors, our team has the tools and materials required to isolate, remove, and replace the damaged sections, matching the color and finish to create a pleasing end result
In addition, Concord Carpet and Hardwood provides comprehensive hardwood floor restoration and refinishing services to keep your hardwood floors looking great for decades to come.

Laminate Flooring Repair

Laminate floors, while providing much of the look and performance of real hardwoods, cannot be resurfaced or refinished in the same way. Fortunately, repairing damage and discoloration is possible with expert laminate floor restoration service from Concord Carpet and Hardwood.

Different floor varieties and different types of damage will require different approaches. While small cuts, scratches, or chips are

easily filled in with specialized surface applications, more extensive damage will require the complete removal of certain planks. Our team will assess the damage, cut away the plank (without causing additional floor damage) and expertly replace the section with a matching piece of new flooring material.

Vinyl Flooring Repair

Unlike other flooring options, vinyl is relatively soft and vulnerable to tearing, burns, or gouges. Our repair professionals have specialized materials which can fill in and mask small blemishes, restoring the color and surface of the affected area to match the rest of the floor, as well as patching equipment cover torn sections.
For more expansive damage we are able to either apply patches or cut damaged areas away at the seams, professionally installing and sealing down a new section of the same flooring material in its place.

Tile Floor Repair

When tiles crack, chip, or become dislodged they should be fully removed and replaced in order to prevent additional damage to the surrounding tiles or subfloor. Let us quickly and professionally remove and replace your damaged tile and grout to completely restore your existing floor.

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