Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We'll make those old, dull, lifeless floors come to life! Find out how our refinishing services make your hardwood look like new.

When it’s time to refresh your hardwood floors, call the experts. Choose Concord Carpet and Hardwood and let our talented, professional team take care of your project from beginning to end. We take pride in offering the most up-to date and innovative hardwood floor refinishing methods, including dustless hardwood floor refinishing, in order to deliver a quality, like-new result, guaranteed.

When You Should Refinish

New hardwood floors have a beautiful, high-gloss shine that looks great and feels clean and smooth underfoot. However, as floors age their projective finish degrades due to wear and tear, moisture exposure, and direct sunlight. If your current flooring no longer shines after cleaning, absorbs spilled water immediately, or is beginning to discolor or warp, it is probably time that you schedule a refinishing visit and protect your hardwood from further damage.

Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Floor refinishing costs are extremely affordable, especially compared to the cost of replacing hardwood floors from scratch. Get the most out of your investment, restore or change your floor’s color and finish, and minimize your environmental impact by reusing the flooring you already have!

Restoration vs. Refinishing

The best service for your floor will depend on the degree of wearand the overall condition of your floors. At Concord Carpet and Hardwood we offer several levels of hardwood floor restoration services designed to repair and project your floors for the future. These include:

    • Restoration: A no-dust and no-odor hardwood floor resurfacing service designed to fill in nicks and cuts on your floors resulting from general wear and tear. Resurfacing gives your floors a like-new shine, improved water resistance, and generally only takes one day.
    • Refinishing: When a floor is worn past the point of simple restoration, it can still be returned to its former glory with hardwood floor refinishing. The protective finish over the floor is removed via dustless floor sanding, and once the floor is bare it is re-stained and finished over the course of 3-4 days. Refinishing gives homeowners the opportunity to adjust the color of their hardwood floor and protect their investment for the long-term.
    • Repair: Flooring that is bent, loose, or creaky should be repaired before restoration or refinishing can take place. We’ll match your wood and color and make precision cuts for a seamless, like-new final result.

To assess the level of care your flooring requires, or to receive a free cost estimate, please contact our team at 925-691-7101 to schedule an in-home appointment today!


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