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Whether you are a homeowner, property manager or business in Concord, we can help you find beautiful tile for your flooring project.

If you’re searching for a no-nonsense flooring material able to stand up to incredible abuse, you may want to consider tile flooring from Concord Carpet and Hardwood. We provide a wide variety of high quality tile suitable for all locations, including ceramic tile flooring, porcelain tile flooring, stone tile flooring, and other varieties that may surprise you.

Strong and Dependable

Tile has existed for thousands of years and in that time proven itself a dependable choice for strong, durable, waterproof construction. Ceramic and porcelain tile in particular are known for standing up to intense punishment in harsh conditions and remaining structurally sound longer than any other flooring material. This makes tile a great solution for high-traffic areas such as entryways and kitchens, while its water resistance makes tile a frequent choice for the floors and walls of bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Attractive and Unique

Tile comes in a wide variety of material, sizes, and styles, providing infinite options for a homeowner looking for a new or unique look.

Consider creative or textured options like wood grain tile flooring, slate tile flooring, or marble tile flooring. Just be sure you’re prepared to properly care for and maintain for your tile material in the long-term. Aside from the different materials available, each individual piece will have a slightly different color and grain, providing a varied look during simple installations, and opening up the opportunity for others to explore simple geometric patterns or even large, colorful, mosaic-style installations.

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Different tile flooring materials will have dramatically different qualities, and not all tiles will be suitable for all applications. This makes selecting the right tile, ensuring that it is properly installed and sealed, and providing necessary care very important in the long term.

Concord Carpet and Hardwood would love to help you explore the different floor tile options available to you with samples, cost estimates, and repair services available for your convenience. Call 925-691-7101 today and ask about our free in-home measuring service, as well as our comprehensive installation services. We look forward to serving you!

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