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Area rugs offer the perfect solution to homeowners, renters, and businesses in Concord and beyond who want to spruce things up with complete flexibility.

Concord Carpet and Hardwood has a wide selection of area rugs suitable for use in any area of your house or apartment. Looking for living room area rugs to add color, kitchen area rugs to complement a recent redesign, or even special outdoor area rugs? Our expert staff would be happy to show you samples, answer your questions, and show you some of our favorite concepts for inspiration.

Why Area Rugs?

Hard surface floors like hardwood or laminate have a fantastic upscale look and are easy to clean. Unfortunately, there are some downsides. Footsteps are louder, the floors feel colder, and carpet will always be more comfortable to lay down and play with the kids on. Carpeting your living or sitting room solves those problems, but carpet is also an expensive investment that takes time and energy to keep clean and dust-free. Plus, for those who rent their living space, new carpeting may not be an option.


Area rugs give homeowners (and renters) the best of both worlds. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, thicknesses, and materials area rugs have no installation time, can be moved or removed on a

whim, are cheaper than carpet, and can be laid down over any other floor type in any location you choose. You’ll soften the noise of footsteps, help conserve energy by adding a new layer of insulation, and can use the colors and patterns of your rug to add needed color and style to your room.


Compare contemporary area rugs with traditional styles, or modern area rugs with natural designs. With hundreds of different patterns and colors available Concord Carpet and Hardwood can help you find a style that works for you and adds a new flair and comfort to your home. You can even find shag area rugs perfect for spreading out on during family time, and large area rugs which can fill an entire room and take the place of expensive carpeting.


Rug styles and sizes carried include: 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 9 x 12 feet sizes—square, rectangular, round, and oval area rugs. To see other available sizes or styles, or to discuss any other carpet or flooring needs, please stop by our storefront or contact a Concord Carpet and Hardwood representative today at 925-691-7101.

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